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Date : 01/10/2011
Registration started from 1st November 2011
Date : 18/09/2011
PG Club Kerala will be live for the public soon.
Individual Study Cabins

Every member is provided with individual cabins, with comfortable seating. They can follow their own study plan. If needed PG Club will assist in making a systematic hassle free individualized study plan.

Special Combined-Study Areas

There are separate in-house and scenic outlets for combined study at PG Club.

Central Reference Medical Library

PG Club has a central medical reference library with latest edition copy of all MBBS level and relevant PG level text books. It is a library where you can carry your own books also!

High speed Broadband Internet Access

The PG Club has high speed broadband internet access for entry to academic web sites, applying for exams and undergoing online exams.

Easy notes and plans for difficult Subjects

Most students have at least one or two subjects as difficult for them. Whatever be your difficult subject, at The PG Club, we will give you a unique plan for making it a better one for you to conquer.

Special Package for those who join IMA Class & Pre PG Foundation Program

PG Club strongly recommends the regular PG Medical Entrance Orientation program conducted by Indian Medical Association, Thiruvananthapuram branch. We will give priority for admission to the students of IMA PG Medical Orientation program as well as those registering for our own Pre PG Foundation Program. Such students will get many additional facilities such as transport the venue of class.

Subject-wise and Grand Model Tests

Regular standard model exams and evaluation at PG Club helps to face any PG Entrance examinations in our country. At the PG Club you can avail the facility of undertaking subject wise or grand model tests on computer at time controlled or question set controlled ways for self evaluation. Individually candidates can review their performance at online exams via the software.

Refreshments as and when needed

PG Club provides home made food and refreshments as and when needed. Members can also bring their own food.

Regular Motivational Sessions

Sustained motivation is the key to success. The PG Club ensures that members are kept motivated for the consistent and systematic effort at their preparations towards achieving their favorite PG seats. Every member is personally guided considering into account of their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Open 24 hours; Every Day!

It is open on all days in a year. It is 24 hours open for inmates and 7 am to 10 pm for day scholars.

Accommodation Available

Separate accommodation for men and women are available at affordable rates. Accomodation for women are available at our own premises. For assistance in procuring accommodation for men, PG club will provide necessary guidance.

Pick up and Drop Back Facility

We have facility to pick up our students from their homes in the morning and drop back them after study at PG Club by night to their homes. This is an out sourced facility.